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Stokenham Parish Council

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About Stokenham Parish Council

What the Parish Council does:
The Parish Council is responsible for the provision and upkeep of bus shelters, and other activities such as monitoring the provision of bus services.
The Council has the right of representation on planning matters, which includes all planning applications and structure plan proposals.
The Council also watches over footpaths, bridleways and rights of way.
What can Parish Councils do?
Parish Councils have a range of powers (things they can do), which is laid down in law.
There is a much shorter list of duties (things they must do).
Some of the powers are historic, such as the power to provide public bath houses.
For a complete list, see Parish Council Powers.
You can read more about this in the Good Councillor’s Guide available from the National Association of Local Councils website.
Council meetings
The Parish Council meets every month, except August, on the third Thursday of the month.
The May meeting is the Annual Parish Council Meeting when, every year, the Council is required to elect a chair, vice-chair and decide membership of its committees for the coming 12 months
Meetings start at 7.30pm and should not last longer than two hours. The agenda and meeting notices are posted on the noticeboards around the parish.

Meetings are held in Stokenham Parish Hall, unless announced otherwise. All meetings are open to the public: anyone is welcome to attend, and raise questions during Open Forum at the beginning of the meeting.